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Wow! Also mal ehrlich: WOW! Bei "Toilette" hab' ich immer an dreckige und provokante [...]
Cool! Ich hab' dein Blog immer gerne gelesen emoticon
Tolles Bild! Echt krass! Sehr gute Arbeit, bravo! Mach weiter so!
Hi, klasse serie!!! gefällt mir von allen am besten. posen, bildauschnitt, farben ... [...]
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The Halls of The Blind (unknown author)

shaded ARTS blog (photography and design)

Sunday, 15. August 2010


Maybe someone of you german readers remember... once there has been a general blog of mine at shaded.de. After a while I closed it down and made the domain referring to here.

So far so good. Without diving too much into this... but this ol' general blog is online again (once again german only). It can be found at schattiert.de

It's going to stay there for good. Even if, at some point, I might loose interest in blogging for a while once again

Here on shadedARTS there will only be things closely related to shadedARTS (like updates and such).

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Thursday, 10. February 2011 08:38
Blip's Gravatar

Cool! Ich hab' dein Blog immer gerne gelesen emoticon

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