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The Halls of The Blind (unknown author)

shaded ARTS blog (photography and design)

Sunday, 15. August 2010


Maybe someone of you german readers remember... once there has been a general blog of mine at shaded.de. After a while I closed it down and made the domain referring to here.

So far so good. Without diving too much into this... but this ol' general blog is online again (once again german only). It can be found at schattiert.de

It's going to stay there for good. Even if, at some point, I might loose interest in blogging for a while once again

Here on shadedARTS there will only be things closely related to shadedARTS (like updates and such).

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Friday, 16. October 2009



Once again it took a "little while"...

The shooting took place in the cellar of our house. Me and my brilliant ideas...  That day in the morning I tidied all up and... well, I swept the floor. Sure it would've been a very good idea to spray some water beforehand. That would've kept the dust under control. But some things come to mind only afterwards. Anyway it took more than two hours for the dust to settle. I was already worried...

Eventually we could enter the cellar again

Only light was a flash head with honey comb laying on the floor.


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Monday, 24. August 2009



Model: Dispensable

Once again this shooting took place in my "micro studio".

For the puppet pictures I replaced the originally white background with something more "grungy".

Only light was basically one flash head with honeycomb.


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Sunday, 23. August 2009

Vi Vacious : Party Now!


Model: Vi Vacious

Location: Washroom

The idea came up due to the "size" of this washroom and the fact, that this tiny room is completely tiled in white. The only light is a flash head on the floor just behind the toilette. So the background is actually overblown but there's more than enough reflection light for having the front of the model lighted as well.

The window is coverd with a (not colored) foil, for having some privacy while "doing things". At the time of the shooting it was already dark outside. So the foil is only lighted from the inside. Due to the white balance and probably due to some sort of light refraction within the foil it's getting this particular blueish look.


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Friday, 09. January 2009

Charade & Vi Vacious : Black Metal


Models: Charade  & Vi Vacious

Visagist: Ilka Küting

This shooting was inspired by "Black Metal", a comic book by Timo Wuertz, Niki Kopp & Julia Niemann-Kopp.


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